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Welcome to the Activity details on Fun Travel Deals. This website lists over 70 things to do based on Entertainment, Heritage, on Land, from Nature, Pilgrim, on Snow, in the Air and in / on Water. Simply, start typing the name of the activity in the auto-complete box above and it should appear. Do drop us an email if it´s not obvious or if we´re missing a particular adventurous activity.

Travel Activities

Ayurvedic Spa

Ayurvedic Spa - A native science for cure

The Fragrance of oil and camphor, a cozy massage room designed in completely Indian ethnic style are the distinct features what one comes across when one goes for an Ayurvedic Massage. An Ayurved...

Ayurvedic Spa Destinations


Have you ever imagined how heaven would be? Have you ever dreamt of being in heaven? In most of our tired and busy lives today there are moments when we wish we could be in heaven, in peace and serenity. Well one such place on this earth where one could feel close to heaven is the back...

Backwaters Destinations

Bird Sanctuary

Most of us love watching birds, feeding them, watching them fly and twitter about in peace and freedom! Birds are one of God’s finest creations and they provide a good balance in nature. A bird sanctuary is a natural habitat for a large species of birds. India is home to...

Bird Sanctuary Destinations

Bungee Jumping

There is nothing more adrenaline pumping or thrilling than the kick you get free falling from a height. Bungee Jumping is not for the weak spirited or the timid. This is for those of you who have no fear of life and would love to experience the thrill of adventure ...

Bungee Jumping Destinations

Camel Safari

India is god’s own country. The country has a diverse range of topography and climatic conditions from the north to the south and from the east to the west. There are many amazing places for sight seeing on this sub- continent.


Apart from the pristine ranges of the H...

Camel Safari Destinations


Who wouldn’t like to lie down on the plush green grass and look up at the clear blue skies dotted with twinkling stars and listen to the rustle of the wind! All this is possible and more with Camping. Camping helps one to enjoy the beauties of nature! Camping is one acti...

Camping Destinations


Canoeing- An Amazing Way to have Fun

The beaches along the Indian coastline and the rivers located in the North Indian states provides an outstanding facility for those who are interested in water sports and also for adventure sport lovers.


Canoeing Destinations


Coracles are used to cross the rivers. They are made of bamboo. Bamboo slits are taken and woven into big baskets. Bamboo is basically light weight and also carries a few people. The size of the coracle will say how many people can sit in it.  These coracles are mainly se...

Coracles Destinations


Cruise - A dip in Luxury

The sound of waves, the clear blue sky, and fresh cool wind is what one actually experiences while traveling by a cruise. Not a stretch of land to be seen, only water on all sides and the yellow orange sky during ...

Cruise Destinations


A bicycle or a tricycle is something that each one of us would have ridden at some point in our life. In case there are people who haven’t yet ridden one, then we would have definitely seen others riding the same.


In today’s hi-tech world where every si...

Cycling Destinations

Elephant Rides

Have you ever ridden on the back of the largest mammal on the earth – the elephant? Well if you haven’t had a ride as yet then it is a joy to experience a ride on the back of the elephant. Elephant riding has become an integral part of tourists’ visits in Ind...

Elephant Rides Destinations

Fair Mela

Fair / Mela is for Reunion of Families

Fair or Mela is held during festivals. They are held separately for marketing the items of the local regions. The people will show their culture and tradition through the fairs. Mos...

Fair Mela Destinations


How many times have we seen on television Tiger Woods, Annika Sorenstam and all the other professionals hit that golf ball so effortlessly into their holes!


Golf is commonly defined as a game which is played on a special outdoor course using a Golf...

Golf Destinations


Gurdwara - The Temple Of Sikhs

There is a sect who follows Sikhism in India. Their place of worship is Gurdwara. There are gurdwars almost in all the states of India. The people who follow Sikhism will go to gurdwara and ...

Gurdwara Destinations


Handicrafts - Specialty of that particular region

Handicrafts are the art which is made from hand. Each piece will be unique as they are not made by machine. The tradition of the people of that country will be reflected through the handi...

Handicrafts Destinations

Health Resorts

Health Resorts for better healthy body

People are becoming very health conscious. They are trying to find many ways to get fit body. The olden techniques are coming out from these discoveries. The life style in this modern society has ch...

Health Resorts Destinations


Hiking- A Gateway of Excitement

Hiking or Backpacking is a most prominent outside recreational activity that is preferred by an expansive number of people where the way of travelling gives them a personal outlook. There are numerous groups that organise-...

Hiking Destinations

Hill Station

For all those who are bored and tired of the hustle bustle of life, Hill Stations are great getaways. These cool hilly terrains are enough to rejuvenate one’s tired mind, body and soul. Hill Stations are small towns which are nestled up in the foothills ...

Hill Station Destinations

Horse Riding

If you love horses and if you have imagined yourself or your kids riding on the back of this majestic animal then you’ve just come to the right spot.


There are a number of us out there who have dreamt of black stallions

Horse Riding Destinations

Ice Skating

Have you ever imagined yourself skating on Ice! Well there are a number of winter sports that is very popular around the world. One of these which is great fun, exhilaration and satisfaction is dancing on ice with a pair of skates!


Ice skat...

Ice Skating Destinations

Jet Skiing

Jet Skiing - A thrilling experience

Holiday at a beach and not exploring the adventure water sports is an incomplete holiday. Spending the entire day at leisure at the resort by a beach and having fun on these adventure water rides namely...

Jet Skiing Destinations

Jungle Safari

Many of us have harbored thoughts of someday visiting the pristine untouched wilderness! A trip to the interiors of the jungles with a breath landscape and a spectacular array of flora and fauna. One of the few tourists’ itineraries worldwide which are gaining popularity is the J...

Jungle Safari Destinations


Jyothirlingas Are The Twelve Sacred Lingas

Jyothirlinga is mainly the temples of Lord Shiva. There are many temples of Lord Shiva in many parts of India. They are totally called the Jyothirlingas. There are mainly twelve ...

Jyotirlinga Destinations


If you love water and dream of having a vacation by yourself paddling always in pools of water and being one with nature then Kayaking would definitely interest you. Kayaking is also known as paddling and provides a great deal of quite adventure. Kayaking is soon becoming a ho...

Kayaking Destinations


Lakes are of two types in world. Lakes are natural lakes and artificial or man-made lakes. A lake is a body of water that is bigger than a pond. Lakes can range in size from very small to large. They can be very deep or relatively shallow.


Lakes th...

Lakes Destinations


Monastery- Most Peaceful Place for All Peace Lovers


Monastery, the term itself resembles that it is concerned to Lord Buddha. Buddha was basically born in India so there are many followers of Buddha in our Country. But, ...

Monastery Destinations


There are a number of monuments around the world which are popular. Some of these monuments are temples, statues, famous places, minarets etc. Most of these monuments retell some story and are not just built of brick and mortar.


A country as dynami...

Monuments Destinations


Mosque- A Place of Peace and Sanctity


Mosques that are found in Dome shaped are often placed above the main prayer hall, signifying the vaults of heaven and the sky. Later, Mosques were built acquiring their now-distinc...

Mosque Destinations

Mountain Biking

Remember the fun we had as kids cycling with friends down the countryside or in the tiny crowded lanes. For all those who love cycling but have a growing appetite for some adventure and excitement Mountain Biking is one such sport. So if this bug has finally b...

Mountain Biking Destinations


Countries as diverse as India with a range of cultures, heritage and history are home to a number of museums. Some of these museums are famous at a global level. Visiting these museums on your trip to any of the places is a must. All these museums have contributed a great deal...

Museum Destinations


There are a number of aero sports that are popular around the world. One of them in particular which has caught the fancy of many is the wonderful flying sport of Paragliding. If you are a traveler at heart seeking to be one with nature, if you are crazy about flying ...

Paragliding Destinations


Have you ever thought of flying in the clear blue skies looking down at the emerald green waters of the ocean? One of the fastest growing aero sports in terms of popularity worldwide is Para sailing. The exhilarating feeling of freedom that you feel flying in the clear blue skies is p...

Parasailing Destinations


Have you ever travelled into space! Gazing at the stars, planets and comets and wondering at the amazing invention of god. Have you ever looked up at the night sky with a breathless feeling of wonderment and amazement? Space has always enthralled mankind. Who is not fascinated and keen to unra...

Planetarium Destinations


If you love adventure and you are in the mood to get your adrenaline pumping, your heart racing for your next vacation, then perhaps a Rafting trip would be a great idea! White Water Rafting or what is simply known as Rafting is a popular outdoor activity which makes use ...

Rafting Destinations


There are a number of sports and challenges available for all of those who are looking for some challenge and excitement in life. One such activity is Rappelling or Abseiling as it is known.


Rappelling is a techniq...

Rappelling Destinations


For those who love the feel of the wind sweeping their face and gliding along on large expanse of water then Sailing is the sport for you.


Sailing is the propulsion of a vehicle and the control of its movement with the help of sails. For sailing sail...

Sailing Destinations


The Scenic beauty of nature will rejuvenate mind

All over the world people will like to enjoy nature. After the entire hectic schedule the people like to spend at least their vacation in the cradle of nature. They travel to far off places...

Scenic Destinations

Scuba Diving

If you are in the mood to explore the allure and mystery of the deep underwater world then get ready to try out a sport that’s easy, fun and popular. That’s right it’s Scuba Diving! The acronym for  Scuba is– Self-Contained Underwater Breathing App...

Scuba Diving Destinations


A Memorable, Eye-Catching Spot of Skiing Enthusiasts

Skiing on snow is the most popular sport that has initiated many skiing lovers into the wonderful world of skiing. This sport has created a great attention and has become a grabbing sp...

Skiing Destinations


If you want to experience the thrill of your life free falling from sky then SKYDIVING is the sport for you. There are a number of aero sports that are popular around the world. Amongst these sky diving is soon edging out as a popular sport amongst the adventurers.


Skydiving Destinations


All of us wonder about the unexplored world that is underwater! Well here’s a chance for each one of us to visit this new unexplored world of marine life.


Snorkeling is a fun recreational activity that involves swimming on the surface of the ...

Snorkeling Destinations

Speedboat Rides

Have you ever thought of cruising along the deep blue waters under the clear blue skies! If you have then be prepared to have the time of your life on your next vacation. Prepare yourself to experience some breathtaking views while riding on a speedboat.



Speedboat Rides Destinations


If you think about a surface water sport that’s fun, that’s demanding and exhilarating at the same time then the right word for it is Surfing. Surfing is loads of fun and excitement. It’s just you, the board and the gigantic waves!



Surfing Destinations

Tea Estates

Fog covered “Lush Green Tea Estates”

Thousands of people Travel places like Darjeeling, Cunoor, Munnar which are one among the famous Holiday destinations of India where Tea Estates are found. The steps like Plantation create a perfect pictur...

Tea Estates Destinations


India is a land of temples. There are many Hindus who go for temple for worshipping the deity. There are many temples which are there in India. From north to south in every state and every small district temples are surely there. The people go to the temple in the time of fest...

Temple Destinations


Tombs: A Breath-taking piece of Mughal Architecture


Tombs are the piece of jaw dropping architecture, since a long time. It is a vault or a chamber for the burial of the dead. Most of the Tombs later become a monument, ...

Tomb Destinations

Water Skiing

If you thought skiing was only done on snow then you are mistaken. Get ready to glide on water with – Water Skiing.


Water Skiing has grown popular over the last few years with people flocking the beach...

Water Skiing Destinations

White Water Rafting

If you love adventure and you are in the mood to get your adrenaline pumping, your heart racing for your next vacation, then perhaps a White Water Rafting trip would be a great idea! White Water Rafting or what is simply known as Rafting is a popular outdoor activity which mak...

White Water Rafting Destinations

Wind Surfing

If you are ready for some breathless moments and experience yourselves in the lap of nature then get ready for Windsurfing.


This sport which was quite popular globally in the 1980’s is making a quiet revival now in many parts of the world. Windsurfing which i...

Wind Surfing Destinations


There are so many species of mammals, reptiles, insects and birds that inhabit this universe of ours along with us. Zoos help us to experience the animals and their habitats from around the globe. Most of us would have learnt in our schools that zoos are also called <...

Zoo Destinations


Are you ready to have some cool, thrilling, hilarious and fun-tastic experience of the century! If your answer to the above question is Yes, then get ready to do Zorbing. How many of you can imagine what it feels like being placed inside a huge plastic ball which rolls downhil...

Zorbing Destinations