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Jan 25-27, 2015
Pattadakal Dance Festival  - A Visual Treat
Duration: 3 Days
Where: Karnataka

‘Pattadakal’ is a town in the state of Karnataka in India which hosts the famous cultural dance event known as “Pattadakal Dance festival” once in a year in the month of January. The “...

Feb 11-17, 2015
Yaksha Festival  - A Celestial Feast of Music and Dance
Duration: 7 Days
Where: Tamil Nadu

India’s diverse and rich culture actually holds the thread of its unity. Most of the art forms have evolved over a thousand of years ago and are still practiced. This is not a reflection of the diverse cultur...

Apr 4-13, 2015
Sabrimala Temple Festival  - A festival of great devotion
Duration: 10 Days
Where: Kerala

The “Sabrimala Temple Festival” is a ten day annual festival at the Lord Ayyappa Temple at Sabarimala which is considered to be one of the most ancient ‘Sastha’ temples in the country. The f...

Aug 15, 2015
Feast of Three Kings  - Grand Gala Time
Duration: 1 Day
Where: Goa

In Goa the Christmas and the feast of three kings are the most celebrated festivals. Even the Hindus here celebrate these festivals. All religions join the celebrations of these festivals. The whole place will be t...

Oct 13-22, 2015
Navaratri  - The festival of Joy and happiness
Duration: 10 Days
Where: India

Navratri is celebrated by all communities and by all age groups in all cities in India. It is celebrated with much hype in Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Mysore and in northern parts of India. This festival is celebrated in t...

Nov 9-10, 2015
Chemrey Angchok Festival  - Festival of Sacred Dances
Duration: 2 Days
Where: Leh

Chemrey Angchok is the most popular festival celebrated in Ladakh. This festival is celebrated for two days with great joy. It is a vibrant and rich celebration which attracts a wide range of tourists. It is a mona...

Nov 22-Dec 2, 2015
Teesta Tea and Tourism Festival  - Sikkim Tea festival
Duration: 11 Days
Where: Sikkim, West Bengal

The Teesta tea and tourism festival is celebrated to mainly promote tourism. This tourism is jointly organized by the West Bengal Tourism, Sikkim Tourism and the Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council. This tourism is supp...

Dec 12, 2015
Losar  - A New and Colorful Beginning
Duration: 1 Day
Where: Himachal Pradesh, Jammu And Kashmir, Uttarakhand, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh

Losar is one of the most widely celebrated festivals among the Buddhists community in Tibet and the surrounding places. This festival marks the Tibetan New Year and is celebrated with great grandeur and splendor. T...

Dec 21-Jan 21, 2015
Mamallapuram Dance Festival  - Festival of dance
Duration: 32 Days
Where: Tamil Nadu

There is a huge sculpture of the Pallavas in Mamallapuram. This is the venue for the different forms of dances in the place of Mammallapuram. Mamallapuram dance festival is held in the place of Mahabalipuram of Tam...

Jan 3-9, 2016
Chennai Music and Dance Festival  - Festival of dance and music
Duration: 7 Days
Where: Chennai

The classical music of south India will reach its peaks in the Chennai music and dance festival in Chennai. This festival is a celebration of dance and music. This festival will be held from mid December to mid Jan...

Jan 5-14, 2016
Island Tourism Festival  - A dream like Festival
Duration: 10 Days
Where: Andaman And Nicobar Islands

The sound of waves, the coral reef, palm leaves dancing in the mild breeze, lush green rain forests, white sand beaches and the chirping of the rare birds is what one can think about the scenically beautiful Andama...

Jan 15, 2016
Makar Sankranti  - The Harvest Festival
Duration: 1 Day
Where: India

Makar Sankranti is considered as an auspicious festival by the Hindus and is celebrated in every part of the country in innumerable forms, gaiety, and devotion. This festival is marked when the sun moves from the T...

Jan 15-18, 2016
Pongal  - The Farmers Festival
Duration: 4 Days
Where: Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu

A Harvest festival has been a part of every culture since the time man has started planting crops and gathering food. “Pongal” is also one such harvest festival celebrated widely in states like Tamil Na...

Jan 15-24, 2016
Kerala Village Fair  - A Nostalgic Experience
Duration: 10 Days
Where: Kochi, Kovalam

‘A Kerala Village Fair’ or a ‘Gramam’ represents the replica of a traditional Kerala style village. In Malyalam, ‘Gramam’ means village. The ‘Kerala Village Fair’ is ...

Jan 15, 2016
National Kite Festival  - A Great Festival of Kites
Duration: 1 Day
Where: Ahmedabad, Jaipur

Fourteenth of January is the Makara Sankranthi of the Hindu calendar. This day is celebrated as the kits festival in Jaipur. The sky is filled with all colored kites. The kites willful the sky and give a special lo...

Jan 15, 2016
Gangasagar Mela  - The Holy Dip
Duration: 1 Day
Where: West Bengal

Ganga Sagar is a renowned Place of Pilgrimage on the western part of the Sunderban Delta in West Bengal. This place is considered to be Holy because here the River Ganga has a confluence with the Bay Of Bengal Sea....

Jan 15, 2016
Makar Mela  - Flying Colorful Kites
Duration: 1 Day
Where: Odisha

Makar Mela is celebrated around the middle of January. Makar Sankranti festival comes in this time. 14th of January will be the time for the celebration of this Mela. Sun God is worshipped during this fe...

Jan 15-17, 2016
Modhera Dance Festival  - Garba Dance Festival
Duration: 3 Days
Where: Gujarat

A temple of the eleventh century in Modhera of Mehsana district, Gujarat is in ruins. This Sun Temple is the venue for the Modhera Dance festival and is located on the bank of river Pushpavati. The architecture is ...

Jan 15-17, 2016
Visakha Utsav  - A cultural journey
Duration: 3 Days
Where: Andhra Pradesh

The Visakha Utsav is a famous festival celebrated every year in the State of Andhra Pradesh in Vishakhapatnam. The entire city of Vishakhapatnam comes alive during the grand celebration of this festival. It is seen...

Jan 16, 2016
Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti  - The Last Guru of Sikhism
Duration: 1 Day
Where: Punjab

There are ten gurus who are worshipped by the Sikhs. The tenth guru was Guru Gobind Singh. His birthday is celebrated as the Guru Gobind Singh Jayanthi. He was the last guru. There will be more celebrations by the ...

Jan 16-18, 2016
Dehing Patkai Festival  - A Cultural Extravaganza
Duration: 3 Days
Where: Assam

The “Dehing Patkai” Festival is a festival that showcases the Assamese tribal culture. Assam is a home for a number of tribes and among them there are around 20 tribes which actively take part in the cu...

Jan 22-25, 2016
Kolkata Festival  - A Grand Music Festival - Dover lane music festival
Duration: 4 Days
Where: Kolkata

Kolkata Festival is an Indian classical musical festival which is held every year in the centrally located open air auditorium in south Kolkata. It is a festival of fun and frolic makes the festival a lively occasi...

Jan 24-Feb 2, 2016
Thai Pushyam  - Festival of Pain and Trust
Duration: 10 Days
Where: Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu

Thai Pushyam is celebrated with great pomp and gaiety in the South India especially in the Tamil Nadu to commemorate the victory of Lord Murugan or Lord Subramanya. The festival falls on a full moon night in the mo...

Jan 26, 2016
Republic Day  - Display of Unity and Patriotism
Duration: 1 Day
Where: India

The Republic day Celebrations mark the date on which the Constitution of India came into force. Though India became independent of British Rule on August 15th 1947, it did not have a permanent constituti...

Jan 29, 2016
Beating of Retreat  - A great musical experience
Duration: 1 Day
Where: Delhi

The “Beating of Retreat” Festival is a ceremony which formally closes the Republic Day Celebrations in Delhi the capital city of India. This ceremony is also refereed as the moving ceremony which is hel...

Feb 7-9, 2016
Puri Beach Festival  - Great Splendour of Orissa
Duration: 3 Days
Where: Puri

The Puri Beach Festival disintegrate the regal splendour divergent art, craft & culture from various states, peculiarly the magnificence of Orissa’ s Glorious Culture.  There are many Fairs and Festi...

Feb 8-9, 2016
Dosmoche  - Victory of Good over Evil - Festival of the Scapegoat
Duration: 2 Days
Where: Jammu And Kashmir

India is a diverse country where people have assorted beliefs and thoughts. All over India a number of festivals are celebrated in every state. One such festival which is celebrated in the Kashmir valley is “...

Feb 9, 2016
Lepcha and Bhutia New Year  - A Colorful Festival
Duration: 1 Day
Where: Sikkim

The ‘Lepcha and Bhutia New Year’ is also known as ‘The Farmer’s New Year in Sikkim. ‘The Lepcha New Year’ is also known as ‘Losoong’ and ‘The Bhutia New Year&rs...

Feb 12, 2016
Basant Panchami  - Lord Saraswati - Knowledge and Wisdom
Duration: 1 Day
Where: India

The fifth day of the spring season is celebrated as the Basant Panchami. Basant is the spring season and panchami is the fifth day. Goddess Saraswathi who is the symbol of wisdom is worshipped on this day. There wi...

Feb 13-16, 2016
Nagaur Fair  - Cattle Fair
Duration: 4 Days
Where: Rajasthan

The Naguar fair is held in the state of Rajasthan. This is mainly cattle fair which will be celebrated for eight days. This fair will be continued till the months of January and February. This cattle fair is said t...

Feb 18-27, 2016
Taj Mahotsav  - Festival of Art, Crafts, Culture & Cuisine
Duration: 10 Days
Where: Agra

Taj Mahotsav Festival is held in the month of Feb/March. This is celebrated in shipgram which is towards the eastern gate of Taj Mahal. This festival will take place for about ten days. Here there s a deep introduc...

Feb 19-23, 2016
Konark Dance and Music Festival  - The Vibrant
Duration: 5 Days
Where: Odisha

India is a culturally diverse country, owning various forms of dance and classical music. Konark Dance and Music festival is one such festival in Orissa which showcases all the different kinds of traditional dances...

Mar 24, 2016
Holi  - A Colorful Festival
Duration: 1 Day
Where: India

‘Holi’ is a festival of colors and is an important Festival of India which is celebrated with great enthusiasm particularly in North India. The festival falls on a full moon day of the Phalguna month ac...

Mar 25, 2016
Good Friday  - Crucifixion of Christ
Duration: 1 Day
Where: India

The Friday which is celebrated in advance of the festival of Easter is the most solemn day for Christians. It is the day on which Jesus Christ died on the cross. This day is known as Good Friday.  Good Friday ...

Apr 8, 2016
Gudi Padwa  - Maharashtrian New Year
Duration: 1 Day
Where: Maharashtra

The festival of Gudi Padwa is celebrated on the first day of the Chaitra month. The Maharashtrians celebrate the festival as a New Year. The Gudi Padwa is termed as the Ugadi festival in the states of Andhra Prades...

Apr 8, 2016
Ugadi  - Andhra Pradesh New Year
Duration: 1 Day
Where: Andhra Pradesh

The festival of Ugadi is celebrated with a great favor in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The festival is known as Ugadi in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, whereas in Maharashtra it is called as Gudipadava. The creator ...

Apr 9-10, 2016
Gangaur Festival  - Gauri Puja
Duration: 2 Days
Where: Rajasthan

The state of Rajasthan in India is the driest and most arid state. The place of Rajasthan is well known and seen in all its colors during the time of Gangaur.  The festival of spring season is dedicated to the...

Apr 9-11, 2016
Mewar Festival  - Greatest Festival of Rajasthan
Duration: 3 Days
Where: Udaipur

The festival of Mewar is a well known feast which is compromised with Rajasthani songs, dances, processions, devotional music and firework display- usually celebrated in the month of March / April. The feast is cel...

Apr 15, 2016
Ram Navami  - Birth of Lord Ram
Duration: 1 Day
Where: India

Ram Navami is the birthday of Lord Rama that; the festival falls on the 9th day of the month of Chaitra. The Ram Navami is one of the most important festivals of the Hindus. The festival is celebrated by the Vaishn...

Apr 20, 2016
Mahavir Jayanti  - Founder of Jainism
Duration: 1 Day
Where: India

Mahavir Jayanthi is celebrated by the Jain community on behalf of the birth of Lord Mahavira. Mahavira is also the founder of Jainism. It is the considered to be the most important festival for the Jains. Mahavira,...

Sep 12, 2016
Id ul Zuha  - Bakri ID
Duration: 1 Day
Where: India

Bakri-Id, the festival of sacrifice is also called as Id-ul-Azha. This is one of the most celebrated festivals in the Muslim community.  Bakri-Id is celebrated for three days i.e. on 10th, 11th...

Oct 2, 2016
Gandhi Jayanti  - Father of the Nation
Duration: 1 Day
Where: India

Gandhi Jayanti is the national festival of India. The birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, father of the nation is celebrated as Gandhi Jayanti. It is celebrated with great honor on 2nd October every yea...

Oct 11, 2016
Dussera  - Celebration of Victory of Good
Duration: 1 Day
Where: India

India is a land of festivals and Dussera is one of the important festivals celebrated. It is mainly celebrated by the followers of the Hindu religion. Dussera is basically a celebration marking the victory of the H...

Oct 12, 2016
Muharram  - Moharrum
Duration: 1 Day
Where: India

Large number of muslims are found throughout the globe and have been divided into 2 sub-castes. One is known as “Shia” and another is named as “Sunni”.  Though festivals are same for bo...

Oct 15-16, 2016
Marwar Festival  - Also known as Maand
Duration: 2 Days
Where: Rajasthan

Marwar festival popularly known as “Maand” festival is celebrated in the month of October every year in memory of heroes of Rajasthan. This is celebrated for two days. The events organized during this f...

Oct 30, 2016
Diwali  - Deepawali
Duration: 1 Day
Where: India

Diwali, the festival of lights is the most celebrated and most famous festival amongst all the Hindu festivals. It is usually celebrated for five days in most parts of India. And this festival usually falls on the ...

Oct 31, 2016
Govardhan Puja  - Anakut
Duration: 1 Day
Where: India


Diwali give an opportunity for the family to get together. People from everywhere will come to India to see the festival. This is a chance to pray god and also have a good time with the family. Ea...

Nov 1, 2016
Bhai Dooj  - Memorable Day of Brothers and Sisters
Duration: 1 Day
Where: India

Bhai Dooj is celebrated on the fifth day of Diwali. This festival is something like raksha bandhan. The relationship of the brother and sister will be more defined by such festivals. In the year 2012 this festival ...

Nov 8-14, 2016
Pushkar Fair  - Pushkar Camel Fair
Duration: 7 Days
Where: Rajasthan

Touted to be the world’s largest camel fair, the Pushkar Camel fair is an annual five day festival that takes place is the small town Pushkar in Rajasthan where livestock and camels are bought and sold. Howev...

Nov 13-15, 2016
Chandrabhaga Fair  - Full Moon Day of Karthik
Duration: 3 Days
Where: Rajasthan

The month of Karthik is very important for Hindus. They celebrate this month by praying for many deities. Fairs and festivals are celebrated with pomp and show. Chandrabhaga fair is one of such fair which is held i...

Nov 14, 2016
Childrens Day  - Sweet Memory of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru
Duration: 1 Day
Where: India

Children’s day in India is celebrated on the 14 of November. The birth date of Jawaharlal Nehru is celebrated as children’s day in India. The children will get chocolates from the schoo...

Nov 14, 2016
Kartika Purnima  - Full Moon Day of Month of Karthik
Duration: 1 Day
Where: India

The full moon day of the month of karthik in the Hindu calendar is the Kathika Purnima. The other name of Karthik purnima is Tripuri Purnima. There is a story which tells that a demon called Tripuri was killed by l...

Nov 14, 2016
Guru Nanak Jayanti  - Founder of Sikhism
Duration: 1 Day
Where: Punjab

Guru Nanak Dev was the founder of Sikhism. He was born in 1469 AD in a village, Rai-Bhoj-di Talwandi near Lahore, Pakistan. He was born in a Bedi kshtriya family. Of the ten gurus in Sikhism Guru Nanak Dev was the ...

Dec 1-7, 2016
Hornbill Festival  - A Maclange of Cultural Festivities
Duration: 7 Days
Where: Nagaland

Nagaland is referred to as the ‘Switzerland of the East’ for its beautiful scenery. Nagaland is also a home to a number of indigenous tribes and each of these tribes celebrates the festivals with great ...

Dec 25, 2016
Christmas  - Grand Christian Festival
Duration: 1 Day
Where: India

Many Christians from all over the country celebrate Birthday of Lord Jesus Christ as Christmas Day held on December 25th.


There are many churches spread all over the country ...

Dec 29-30, 2016
Winter Festival  - An Ode to the Culture of Rajasthan
Duration: 2 Days
Where: Mount Abu

Rajasthan is state known for its rich culture and tradition in India.  The “Winter Festival” is celebrated to honour this rich culture and tradition of the State of Rajasthan.  The “Wint...

Jan 1, 2017
New Year  - The best time for resolutions
Duration: 1 Day
Where: India

New Year symbolizes happiness, celebrations, joy, and excitement. New Year is celebrated grandly to bid farewell to the gone year and welcome the New Year with pleasure. The New Year celebrations start from the 31<...

Jan 14-15, 2017
Bikaner Camel Festival  - Popular For Camels
Duration: 2 Days
Where: Bikaner

Bikaner is a place in Rajasthan. The world famous Bikaner Camel festival is held here. The people from all over the world will come to participate in the camel festival. The camels are displayed with full decoratio...