Muharram, Moharrum


Large number of muslims are found throughout the globe and have been divided into 2 sub-castes. One is known as “Shia” and another is named as “Sunni”.  Though festivals are same for both these parties, they celebrate every festival in their own way. Each and every festival has its own meaning and all these festivals differ from each other. One among such festival is the Muharram, a great Festival of Muslims celebrated throughout the world. Muharram is a term derived from the word-“Haram(forbidden)” . During this festival, all Muslims gather together, Pray to God, and as per the instructions they follow their elders who perform fasting for 10 days without drinking water. The amazing concept is that even small kids fast for 10 days. All Muslims celebrate this festival with purity and sacredness during the first month of every year, hoping to get all the happiness and peace over years.


Celebrating Muharram has a vast meaning. The festival came into existence after the death of Hassan and Husayn- grandsons of Prophet Mohammad. Once, Husayn was captured by the cruel –“Yazid-ul-Maviya”, there was a war between Yazid-ul-Maviya and Husayn for 20 days and Husayn was rescued and put into the prison for 10 days without giving food and water, later he has been put to death. Hearing the death of Husayn, Hassan was not able to control himself and fought against the enemies and even Hassan was killed. When people saw the procession of Hassan, Husayn, family & friends, they could not bear this pain and started weeping beating their chests.  They fasted for 10 days and on the last day, they carried Tazias(Hassan and his dear ones) to the Karbala- a place for burial. After the burial, of Hassan and Husayn, they returned their home and spent their time in praying for about an hour. Later, they lie down for some time and ended the prayer. Same procedure is followed during the festival of Muharram. After fasting for 10 days, during the last day, they lie down after the prayer, and end the Muharram.


Muharram procession is a Noble standard procession that is conducted in some places such as Delhi, Lucknow, Agra and Jaipur, which is considered as a ceremonial mournful procession of Muslims. Muharram is also a memory of the sad martyrdom of Imam Hussain(RA) on this day(10th day of Muharram) at Karbala located on the lives of Martyrs in Iraq. Some people conduct speeches during the meetings, where as other people chant "Ya Hussain" in loud voice and men beat their breast with grief and they injure themselves hitting badly, as it is a saddest occasion- “the death of Hassan and his followers”. The festival is celebrated for 10 days, and the last day is said to be the day when Adam and Eve were born. Last day, sweet rice and juice is distributed to all, and some people give clothes to the poor people.

When: Oct 12, 2016

Duration: 1 Day

Where: India

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