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Camel Safari

India is god’s own country. The country has a diverse range of topography and climatic conditions from the north to the south and from the east to the west. There are many amazing places for sight seeing on this sub- continent.


Apart from the pristine ranges of the H...

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Who wouldn’t like to lie down on the plush green grass and look up at the clear blue skies dotted with twinkling stars and listen to the rustle of the wind! All this is possible and more with Camping. Camping helps one to enjoy the beauties of nature! Camping is one acti...

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A bicycle or a tricycle is something that each one of us would have ridden at some point in our life. In case there are people who haven’t yet ridden one, then we would have definitely seen others riding the same.


In today’s hi-tech world where every si...

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Elephant Rides

Have you ever ridden on the back of the largest mammal on the earth – the elephant? Well if you haven’t had a ride as yet then it is a joy to experience a ride on the back of the elephant. Elephant riding has become an integral part of tourists’ visits in Ind...

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How many times have we seen on television Tiger Woods, Annika Sorenstam and all the other professionals hit that golf ball so effortlessly into their holes!


Golf is commonly defined as a game which is played on a special outdoor course using a Golf...

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Hiking- A Gateway of Excitement

Hiking or Backpacking is a most prominent outside recreational activity that is preferred by an expansive number of people where the way of travelling gives them a personal outlook. There are numerous groups that organise-...

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Horse Riding

If you love horses and if you have imagined yourself or your kids riding on the back of this majestic animal then you’ve just come to the right spot.


There are a number of us out there who have dreamt of black stallions

Horse Riding Destinations

Jungle Safari

Many of us have harbored thoughts of someday visiting the pristine untouched wilderness! A trip to the interiors of the jungles with a breath landscape and a spectacular array of flora and fauna. One of the few tourists’ itineraries worldwide which are gaining popularity is the J...

Jungle Safari Destinations

Mountain Biking

Remember the fun we had as kids cycling with friends down the countryside or in the tiny crowded lanes. For all those who love cycling but have a growing appetite for some adventure and excitement Mountain Biking is one such sport. So if this bug has finally b...

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There are a number of sports and challenges available for all of those who are looking for some challenge and excitement in life. One such activity is Rappelling or Abseiling as it is known.


Rappelling is a techniq...

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There are so many species of mammals, reptiles, insects and birds that inhabit this universe of ours along with us. Zoos help us to experience the animals and their habitats from around the globe. Most of us would have learnt in our schools that zoos are also called <...

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Are you ready to have some cool, thrilling, hilarious and fun-tastic experience of the century! If your answer to the above question is Yes, then get ready to do Zorbing. How many of you can imagine what it feels like being placed inside a huge plastic ball which rolls downhil...

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