Caves in Aurangabad, Maharashtra

Aurangabad Caves

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Must See
Ajanta Caves Land, Heritage

Famous for: Its crucial distinct design and wonderful view

The Ajanta Caves are the must see attraction for the tourists in Aurangabad but it is located at 106 km away from Aurangabad. “Chaitya Grihas” and “Viharas” are the two m...

Must See
Ellora Caves Land, Pilgrim

Famous for: Its wonderful structure and also for Kailash temple in its hub

The Ellora Caves are not only subject of discussion only in India but it is a part of world-heritage. Located at only 30 km from Aurangabad, the thirty-four Ellora caves are so beautiful and ast...

Aurangabad Caves Land

Famous for: Group of ten caves and adorable Buddha images

Aurangabad Caves are a cluster of ten caves and they are divided into two different sections as per their locations. Like 1-5 caves are placed under the Western Group caves and then, 6-10 caves ...