Pilgrim Activities


Gurdwara - The Temple Of Sikhs

There is a sect who follows Sikhism in India. Their place of worship is Gurdwara. There are gurdwars almost in all the states of India. The people who follow Sikhism will go to gurdwara and ...

Gurdwara Destinations


Jyothirlingas Are The Twelve Sacred Lingas

Jyothirlinga is mainly the temples of Lord Shiva. There are many temples of Lord Shiva in many parts of India. They are totally called the Jyothirlingas. There are mainly twelve ...

Jyotirlinga Destinations


Monastery- Most Peaceful Place for All Peace Lovers


Monastery, the term itself resembles that it is concerned to Lord Buddha. Buddha was basically born in India so there are many followers of Buddha in our Country. But, ...

Monastery Destinations


Mosque- A Place of Peace and Sanctity


Mosques that are found in Dome shaped are often placed above the main prayer hall, signifying the vaults of heaven and the sky. Later, Mosques were built acquiring their now-distinc...

Mosque Destinations


India is a land of temples. There are many Hindus who go for temple for worshipping the deity. There are many temples which are there in India. From north to south in every state and every small district temples are surely there. The people go to the temple in the time of fest...

Temple Destinations


Tombs: A Breath-taking piece of Mughal Architecture


Tombs are the piece of jaw dropping architecture, since a long time. It is a vault or a chamber for the burial of the dead. Most of the Tombs later become a monument, ...

Tomb Destinations