Nature Activities

Bird Sanctuary

Most of us love watching birds, feeding them, watching them fly and twitter about in peace and freedom! Birds are one of God’s finest creations and they provide a good balance in nature. A bird sanctuary is a natural habitat for a large species of birds. India is home to...

Bird Sanctuary Destinations

Health Resorts

Health Resorts for better healthy body

People are becoming very health conscious. They are trying to find many ways to get fit body. The olden techniques are coming out from these discoveries. The life style in this modern society has ch...

Health Resorts Destinations

Hill Station

For all those who are bored and tired of the hustle bustle of life, Hill Stations are great getaways. These cool hilly terrains are enough to rejuvenate one’s tired mind, body and soul. Hill Stations are small towns which are nestled up in the foothills ...

Hill Station Destinations


The Scenic beauty of nature will rejuvenate mind

All over the world people will like to enjoy nature. After the entire hectic schedule the people like to spend at least their vacation in the cradle of nature. They travel to far off places...

Scenic Destinations

Tea Estates

Fog covered “Lush Green Tea Estates”

Thousands of people Travel places like Darjeeling, Cunoor, Munnar which are one among the famous Holiday destinations of India where Tea Estates are found. The steps like Plantation create a perfect pictur...

Tea Estates Destinations