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Netherlands Garden

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Must See
Rotterdam Entertainment, Nature

Famous for: The Contemporary Landmarks and Zoological Gardens

Stuffed with all kinds of contemporary landmarks built subsequent the Second World War, Rotterdam is a fascinating city, with abundance to offer in the way of tourist attractions. One of Europe&...

Must See
Kaatsheuvel Entertainment, Nature

Famous for: Efteling- The Largest Theme Park

Kaatsheuvel is a township in the Dutch district of North Brabant. Kaatsheuvel's main appeal is "De Efteling" a theme park which is based on fairy tales. The Efteling is the largest...

Must See
Hoge Veluwe National Park Entertainment, Nature

Famous for: HogeVeluwe National Park- Marshlands, Forests and Sand Dunes

HogeVeluwe National Park is the largest in the Netherlands, and is an extraordinary place to stop over for its marshlands, forests and sand dunes alone.The park was procured by Anton and He...

Must See
Emmen Entertainment, Heritage, Nature

Famous for: A Large Zoo,and Stunning Roofed Butterfly Garden

The city of Emmen is a bigconurbation in the south east of the prefecture of Drenthe, which is located in the north east of Holland.Emmen has a large shoppingmall and a multiplicity of shop, res...