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World!! A part of Universe and great creation of Almighty God! To describe the world in few words seems intangible task. Even a glimpse of a globe gives you a complete idea of beauty and fascination of the whole world. World constitutes of innumerable countries among which most of the countries are simply superb! Truly said by Augustine of Hippo, “The World is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”.  Therefore, those people who get an opportunity to travel all around the world are really very lucky and fortunate.


All the countries have something unique and entertaining to their visitors. Like, Australia is famous for entertainment and natural splendor, Belgium is too good for pilgrims and heritage, Thailand is popular for Islands, Egypt for Deserts, Switzerland for natural beauty, Morocco for calm deserts, France for urbanization, Portugal for sea beaches, India for ancient religious sites and natural beauty and likewise, the entire world can be bifurcated in the different countries with different facets.


World comprises of seven marvelous continents and each continent has innumerable countries. Collectively, we can say that there are nearly about 196 countries that contribute at their fullest to give unique and ethereal touch to this astounding world.


Therefore, being on a world tour is the most exciting and exhilarating decision of a person in this world. Truly speaking, to watch the tremendous and breathtaking beauty in form of waterfalls, amusement parks, gardens, caves, monuments, cascades, lush green valleys, plateaus, rivers, etc. spotted throughout the world is really an unforgettable experience. Also, many of the countries abound in religious places, especially, India and thus, it also allures lots of tourists from all over the world. Other than exotic places, what can allure tourists are fun-filled and intriguing activities such as bird-watching, trekking, rafting, canoeing, camping, fishing, mountain biking, Kayaking, parasailing, etc. and fortunately, all the countries of the world offers even more than this!!

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