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About Switzerland

about Switzerland

Switzerland is a non-coastal country in Central Europe. It shares its boundaries with France to the west, Italy to the south, Austria and Liechtenstein to the east and Germany to the north. One of the few countries to remain utterly secluded from both World Wars is Switzerland. This is quite probably the ultimate destination when it comes to charming Europe, with its central plateau undulating hills and large lakes bounded by the Alps and the Jura Mountains, and one of the steadiest modern economies in the European Union. It is a favored locality for investments due to the high degree of bank confidentiality, which has a great many foreigners starting their own famed Swiss bank accounts that you always see mentioned in movies and novels.


Switzerland is one of those places that you merely have to go back to over and over to experience completely. Every conurbation has its own exclusive feel, and every part of the country contains some veiled spec of magnificence that you might have missed the first time. From mountaineering to skiing to camping or just pure relaxation at one of the many resorts, there is plethora to do for every level of traveler, despite if they are a first-timer or a veteran. Switzerland is a terra firma of contrasts.. However, one may say that those who are looking for music, arts, significant historical monuments, museums or shopping will usually find points of interest in chief cities while those who want to get more than a glance of the alpine panorama are much better served in the alpine resorts. From the open-air sports capital of Switzerland at Interlaken, to the mountain resorts at Zermatt and the potent Matterhorn, or the Swiss wine country near Lausanne, or the excruciating nightlife of Zurich, Switzerland has accurately dozens of opportunities just waiting for the adventurous soul.

Switzerland Fast Facts

City: Switzerland

State: World

Country: Switzerland

Known As: The Realm of Mighty Alps

Famous for/as: Art Gallery, Backwaters, Hill Station, Lakes, Monastery, Monuments, Mountaineering

Best Season: May to June

Summer: 20 to 25°C

Winter: -3 to -4°C

Rain: May to Sept

Area: 41285 km2

Altitude: 3820 m

STD Code: 41

Languages: German, French, Italian, Romansh

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