Rhaetian Railway Albula Bernina Landscape, Switzerland - Historical Railway Lines


All fans of train spotting and roller coaster rides come to the region of Graubünden and find out location makes a difference. The Albula and Bernina lines cut transversely Switzerland's most magnificent landscapes and feature tons of channels, galleries, bridges and overpasses, some of which will leave your heart pulsation like crazy. Start off in Chur, St. Moritz or Davos from where the Bernina Express will take you past the glaciers of Piz Bernina and up to the highest railway voyaging in the Alps through the Bernina Pass as far as to Tirano in Italy. In 2008, the lines were together affirmed a World Heritage Site as an exceptional example of a major civil engineering accomplishment and a extremely environmentally-friendly way to triumph over the seclusion of alpine settlements by means of railway.

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