Lindenhof Hill, Switzerland - Hills

Hiking, Hill Station, Lakes, Mountaineering, Scenic

Called the European banking center and an inexpressive financial machine, Zurich is its own serene haven, too. The Lindenhof Hill, as part of the city's Altstadt, not only bears momentous historical traces, but also serves as an outstandingly citizen-friendly area of public life and open-air recreation. Once the site of a Roman tradition station and the earlier royal abode, today it is a quiet verdant retreat with crossbow stands, stone tables, bowling and chess, as well as a few testimonies to Lindenhof's far-reaching past. And the vistas across the Limmat River are most encapsulated here from above the rooftops. It is also the district where the city's best shopping and restaurants are found, and thus it is where a tourist would spend most of his time.

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