Switzerland Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Switzerland

Even though Switzerland features a reasonable climate, it differs from region to region. Generally, winter in Switzerland remains cold, hazy, rainy and hoary while summer is balmy and humid. With a little variation the average high temperature in the summer months varies between 20C and 25C while the lowest possible temperature often drops below -12C. Furthermore, Switzerland receives a modest level of rainfall all through the summer months. On the other hand, winter remains fairly chilly with the average low temperature of -3C or -4C. January and February are the coldest months of the year when weather in Switzerland becomes a bit unbearable for the travelers.


Early summer i.e. June or fall is perhaps the best season to experience Switzerland, as the weather is comfortable and the place is not as crammed with tourist as there are during the summer. September can be quite showery, but October offers sun-drenched weather with temperatures on their 20sdeg C which is just right for hiking in the Alps even in high elevation. At any point of time as the tourist travels around the country one will get to experience many diverse climatic conditions. The continental climate in the Alps tends to illustrate the farthest extremes between summer and winter.

Best Season : May to June. Temperature: Summer 20 to 25°C, Winter -3 to -4°C

Monthly Switzerland Weather

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High 22°C 26°C 26°C 20°C 13°C 4°C -1°C -2°C 4°C 11°C 16°C
Low 8°C 11°C 9°C 4°C -2°C -7°C -12°C -14°C -14°C -8°C -1°C 4°C