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Ayurvedic Spa

Ayurvedic Spa - A native science for cure

The Fragrance of oil and camphor, a cozy massage room designed in completely Indian ethnic style are the distinct features what one comes across when one goes for an Ayurvedic Massage. An Ayurved...

Ayurvedic Spa Destinations

Fair Mela

Fair / Mela is for Reunion of Families

Fair or Mela is held during festivals. They are held separately for marketing the items of the local regions. The people will show their culture and tradition through the fairs. Mos...

Fair Mela Destinations


Have you ever travelled into space! Gazing at the stars, planets and comets and wondering at the amazing invention of god. Have you ever looked up at the night sky with a breathless feeling of wonderment and amazement? Space has always enthralled mankind. Who is not fascinated and keen to unra...

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