Cathedrale De Lausanne, Switzerland - Design and Art

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Governing Lausanne from atop a hill like a huge tiara on the head of a sovereign, the 13th-century Cathedral has long been the religious center of French-speaking Switzerland and is usually regarded as the country's finest Gothic building. certainly, the merge of Anglo-Norman and north-eastern French architectural features places it amongst the most illustrious constructions in the European arty heritage and its snooty, multihued interior justly has the power to enthuse faith. Yet the supreme magnum opus housed under the Cathedral's sophisticated crypts is the luminous 7,000-pipe organ, whose unparalleled power and novel harmonics habitually mesmerizes listeners' hearts. As one of the classiest instruments in the world, let alone by high merit of its design, dimensions, and musical qualities, the organ itself is good enough a reason to stopover Notre Dame de Lausanne.

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