Zurich, Switzerland - Lake and Lindenhof Hill

Mountaineering, Lakes, Hill Station

Zurich labors under the fallacy that it is nothing more than a sterile banking city. True, Zurich plays home to one of the biggest stock exchanges in the world and is the financial motor of Switzerland itself, but step back from the markets and share prices and you'll find an arty, trend-conscious and startlingly vivacious city. Zuric's setting on the northern tip of Lake Zurich helps provides it an air of prosperity and good living, while the Fraumünster and Grossmünster churches, which face each other across the River Limmat, clues at the rich heritage of the Old Town. The old-fashioned vibes of the city’s heart are a chief draw, but you’ll find still more fascinating sights around the region, like the castle and Lindenhof Hill or in exploring the full extent of the epic Lake Zurich.

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