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about China

Being embraced by the Huang He for thousands of years, affluent with traditions and restocked with legendary characters, China is the origin of such an ancient culture. Travel to China is disparate any normal travel experience, it is more than that. It is a quarry of that prosperity, which makes one thousand times wealthier in turn.  Casing an ecological area of 9, 596, 960 square km, the countryside of the terrain differs greatly. The north is diverse from the south and the east is diverse from the west. The only consistency you will notice is in the ethnic group of the population and their hard working approach. It is this that has taken China closer to being one of the superpowers of the world in the approaching decade.


Antique yet up-to-the-minute, memorable yet unrecognizable, externally urban but characteristically rustic, traditional yet path-breaking, space-age but conventional, China is a land of attention-grabbing and eye-opening contradictions.   China may be modernizing at a head-spinning velocity, but the glossy skyscrapers, Lamborghini showrooms and Maglev trains are just stunning. Let's face it: the world's oldest steady civilization is bounce to pull an artifact or two out of its hat. Muse the legends and folklore of the Forbidden City, revive your sense of marvel on the Great Wall or endeavor to grasp the eternal lexis of the silent Terracotta Warriors. As the China indication shows, the realm has copious natural resources and a weather, which accomplishes the agricultural needs of the populace. Apart from causative to pages of history, China has also amplified to the pages of inventions, specifically, paper, printing, gunpowder and compass. With the capital city of Beijing being the midpoint of all the managerial and political activities, there are a total of 686 cities in the People’s Republic of China.


Tibet Autonomous Region draws people of all urgings every year from both home and overseas. It rewards every tourist with a cherished experience of the land, the people and the spirituality! Tibet is the entryway of southwest China. Its land mass is about 1/8 of the terrains of China. The history of Tibet dates back to 4,000 years ago, when living was simpler. Lhasa is the political, financial, cultural and religious hub with profuse cultural relics, like the world's highest bastion complex, the Potala Palace built over 1,300 years ago.

China Fast Facts

City: China

State: World

Country: China

Famous for/as: Beaches, Garden, Lakes, Monastery, Monuments, Scenic

Best Season: Jan to March

Summer: 13 to 30°C

Winter: -9 to 10°C

Rain: Jul to Sept

Area: 9706961 km2

Altitude: 43.71 m

STD Code: 86

Languages: Chinese, Mongolian, Tibetan, Zhuang

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