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Best Season & Best time to visit China

When you are planning a trip to China, one should think about the climate bearing in mind its geographical position. This is because it has a main role to play in influential the climate of China, which is very varied. You will find tremendously cold as well as extremely warm conditions in the same realm. Autumn (September to early November) is the finest season to visit BÄ›ijÄ«ng as the weather is beautiful and fewer tourists are in town. Local Beijingers explain this short season of clear skies and windy days. Spring also sees the snow like drifting through the air and collecting in drifts. From May the mercury can rush well over 30°C. BÄ›ijÄ«ng simmers under a scorching sun in summer, which also sees serious downpours late in the season. Air pollution can be intolerable in both summer and winter. Tibet has analogous seasons to China, though with lower temperatures due to the superior altitudes. There are some local variations; northern and western Tibet is usually higher and colder. The monsoon influences parts of Tibet (particularly eastern Tibet) from mid-July to the end of September (July and August bring half of Tibet’s annual rainfall)

Best Season : Jan to March. Temperature: Summer 13 to 30°C, Winter -9 to 10°C

Monthly China Weather

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