Shangri la, China - Temples & Scenic Beauty

Temple, Scenic, Monastery

Shangri-la (also known as Zhōngdiàn) is abode to secluded temples, rocky scenery and the start of the Tibetan world. And while travelers have hit their way to northern Yunnan’s other antique villages, this isolated township hasn’t shown up on many people’s itinerary in the same way. But to see the township’s latent to follow in the footsteps of Lìjiāng and Dàlǐ, Zhōngdiàn got the consideration of the government in a big way. Primarily a Tibetan settlement (its Tibetan name is Gyeltang or Gyalthang), the main cause to come here is to visit the monastery and to experience the feel of Tibet if you can’t make it to the real thing.

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