Stone Forest Yunnan, China - Scenic Beauty

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Known in Chinese as the "Shilin", the Stone Forest Yunnan in China is located in the Lunan Yi Nationality Autonomous County. Distanced from the Yunnan Province capital, Kunming, by a good 120 Km, the Stone Forest Yunnan in China shot to fame between the years 1368 and 1644, during the Ming Era. The Stone Forest Yunnan in China is literally a forest of stone formations. The forest sprawls over and area of 400 Sq Km and can be categorized under various heads: the major Stone Forest, the Minor Stone Forest, the Subterranean Stone Forest and the Naigu Stone forest. Geologists date the age of the Stone Forest Yunnan in China to about 270 million years. The limestone rock formations are said to have been the result of years of erosion that resulted from the out flow of the sea water that covered it.

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