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About Egypt

about Egypt

Egypt - the kingdom of ancient civilization and pyramids is amid one of the main attractions of the world. The land of ancient wonders rouses thousands of tourists each year to discover this realm. Situated in the northeastern part of African continent, Egypt is bounded by Israel in northeast, by Jordan and Saudi Arabia in the east and by Sudan in the south.  Egypt's official name being the “Arab Republic of Egypt” and the capital city is Cairo. Cairo is not only the capital of this second most crowded realm of African continent but also the chief destination of Egypt. Other popular destinations include Alexandria, Giza, Aswan, Luxor, Sharm el Sheikh and many more. But it is the history of Egypt that is more captivating and interesting to discover. Egypt renowned for its history is abode of one of the ancient civilizations of this world and also houses one of the Seven Wonders of the World - the mighty Pyramids. Apart from these, two other charms of Egypt's history also feature primordial temples, memorials and world renowned antique cities.


Similar to history and topography, religious conviction of Egypt also shows multiplicity and plays vital role in demographical partition of Egypt. About 85% of the total populace of Egypt is the aficionada of Islam. Among the other religions Christianity is the main faith. Next to the religion, Egyptians are the prevalent ethnic group dwelling in Egypt alongside with other minorities including Bedouin Arab, Berber speaking Siwis, ancient Nubian society and many others. Egypt culture is the decisive result of historical diversity of this nation. From music to arts and from literature to carnivals all symbolize the true fortitude of overseas sway along with the indigenous effect. From the lush Nile river gorge to the Great Sand Sea and from the temple of Karnak to temple of Hathor and from the Sinai Mountain to the Tiran island Egypt reflects the perfect portrait of attractions dotted all over the country.

Egypt Fast Facts

City: Egypt

State: World

Country: Egypt

Famous for/as: Art Gallery, Backwaters, Church, Dams, Lakes, Monastery, Monuments

Best Season: Oct to May

Summer: 7 to 43°C

Winter: 0 to 18°C

Rain: Oct to April

Area: 1002450 km2

Altitude: 2629 m

STD Code: 20

Languages: Arabic

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