Siwa Oasis, Egypt - Sea

Temple, Lakes, Beaches

Siwa Oasis is one of Egypt's most secluded townships, with 23,000 people, typically Berbers-speakers who speak a distinct lingo of the Berber clan identified as Siwi. Its eminence lies chiefly in its primordial function as the home to an oracle of Amon, the relics of which are a well-liked sightseer lure that bestowed the haven its ancient name Ammonium. In times gone by, it is part of Ancient Libya. Its current name Siwa, haloed by salt lakes, dunes and desert escarpment, Siwa is an asylum of date plantations and olive orchards. Siwa’s attractions comprise springs where you can go swimming, the relics of the Temple of the Oracle, where Alexander thronged to authenticate his divinity, and some Graeco-Roman crypts. At the rim of township are the soaring dunes of the Great Sand Sea.

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