Luxor Temple, Egypt - Temple


Luxor Temple was mainly constructed for the ancient people to gather to celebrate or carry out their rituals for the gods. This was formed particularly for Amun, Chons and Mut. The portico fashioned during the time of Amenophis III is one of Egypt’s epitomes of pride. This 18 mtr tall papyrus fashioned capitals have the relic’s portraying the Festival of Opet. Its beautification came in whole during the sovereignty of Horemheb and Tutankhamun. The Sanctuary of the Sacred Barque is found inside. During Alexander the Great’s era he rebuilt the chapel. These were important rites performed in the temple that were symbolic in their religion. In the primordial times, the Egyptian used this place to celebrate the Festival of Opet, the divine rebirth of the pharaoh, the feast of the divine jubilee, and the son of Amun. Now, this serves a living legend of Egypt’s great culture.

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