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About Bahamas

about Bahamas

Calm waters and cooling trade winds have justly earned The Bahamas an international repute for sailing, with regattas and races held year-round. The islands are in fact the birthplace of the Gulf Stream, a trend that also accounts for their amazing diversity and profusion of marine life. Well-known game fish draw sport fisherman in search of the "big one," and more than 50 international fishing records have been set in these waters.


The Bahamas are one of the most popular vacation destinations for a very good reason; they simply offer something for almost everyone who travels there. There are a great many chances to experience water amusement, magnificent opportunities to have fun or relax on the beach, and interesting chances to experience everyday life in the aisles. From amble through the streets of one of the many communities there to making a provisional home on the beach, the Bahamas offers so many things to do that it is in fact amazing that even more people don’t plan for their vacations to take them there every year. A visit to the Bahamas is an experience that most travellers will want to experience again and again.


With more than 5% of the planet's reef mass, The Bahamas offer unlimited pleasures and challenges to snorkelers and divers. The natural exquisiteness of the water extends to the thousands of miles of seashore, which has some of the world's most gorgeously beautiful and unblemished beaches. From the pink sands of Harbour Island and Eleuthera to the isolated strands of the Exumas and San Salvador, there is a lifetime of beaches to experience. Further inland are gardens and National Parks with unusual and endangered species, such as the glamorous Abaco Parrot and the Bahamian Iguana. Although The Bahamas are as varied and numerous as the days of the year, the comforting unifier is the charisma and warmth of its people.

Bahamas Fast Facts

City: Bahamas

State: World

Country: Bahamas

Famous for/as: Amusement Park, Backwaters, Boating, Church, Scenic

Best Season: April - Feb Nov - Dec

Summer: 27 to 30°C

Winter: 2 to 21°C

Rain: Jun - Nov

Area: 13878 km2

Altitude: 3 m

Languages: English, Spanish, Portugese, Tagalog, Hindi

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