Exumas, Bahamas - Exumas- Clean White Beaches

Scenic, Beaches

The Exumas are a group of 365 isles and cays that extend over 100 miles, lying 35 miles southeast of Nassau. At their widest point, these isles are a mere 7½ miles across, with clean white sand beaches looped by a salient emerald sea. The two main isles in the archipelago, Great Exuma and Little Exuma, are found at the southern end of the group. These two isles, linked by a short overpass, are home to approximately all of the 3500 residents.The natives of these isles were totally enslaved in the 1500s, and the isles remained vacant until the first settlers arrived in the 1780s, though pirates are known to have used the cays and bays of the Exumas in addition to their bases in Nassau.

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