Rand Nature Centre, Bahamas - Rand Nature Centre- Several Species of Plants and Birds

Scenic, Bird Watching, Bird Sanctuary

Named after James H. Rand, a well-known philanthropist from Freeport, the Rand Nature Centre is a 100 acre-large sanctuary offering a large diversity of charming tropical flora and fauna. Among the centre’s more fascinating sights are the West Indian flamingos which can be found gathering around a pond situated about one mile into the park. Other birds praiseworthy of mention that are viewable include Red-legged Thrushes, Bahama Parrots, Antillean Peewee birds and Stripe-headed Tanagers. Visitors can follow a nature trail, alongside which some 130 different species of Bahamian plant are available for viewing.The centre is the isle's birding hot spot, where you might scout a red-tailed hawk or a Cuban emerald hummingbird. Visit the caged one-eyed Bahama parrot the centre has adopted, and a Bahama boa, a species that inhabits most Bahamian isles, but not Grand Bahama.

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