Travel Within Bahamas


The Bahamas is one of the most gorgeous tropical islands in the Caribbean Sea. The islands draw large numbers of tourists every year. The Bahamas Transportation enables one to arrive to the country via airways. Bahamas air offers a wide-ranging network roaring out from the capital of The Bahamas, Nassau and casing most of the population centres. The airports of the Bahamas are situated at strategic position and offers pleasing facilities and services to the tourists.


Nassau or the New Providence has a well organized system of buses called jitneys. Bus travel on the other islands is quite widespread and the bus services are regular and will take you to your desired place. Another mode to get to The Bahamas is by cars.


The bigger islands of Grand Bahama, Grand Exuma and Andros can be reached by hiring a car. There are many opportunities to lease a vehicle on Grand Bahama Island. The Bahamas Travel is full of fun and enthusiasm for the tourists who want to witness the wide variety of local attractions that is available in the place. The Bahamas are a popular port and Nassau, on New Providence Island is one of the world's busiest cruise ship harbours. There are many harbours and ports in The Bahamas islands that make marine travel an easy way to get into the islands. Ferry service and boat travel can is also broadly practiced in The Bahamas.