Cat Island, Bahamas - Boot-Shaped Isle- Most Gorgeous and Lush of Bahamas

Monastery, Beaches

Cat Island boasts the highest point in the whole of the Bahaman Common wealth and is home to momentous settlements such as Arthur’s Town, Orange Creek and Port Howe. This boot-shaped, untamed isle is one of the most gorgeous and lush of The Bahamas. A flourishing sanctuary, it provides calmness for those seeking an escape from the pressures of modern civilization. Others thought so too, like Father Jerome, a penitent hermit who constructed a medieval monastery hewn from the limestone crags atop 206-foot Mt. Alvernia, a place for meditation. From these high crags, there is a marvellous view down to densely-forested foothills and 60 miles of uninhabited pink-and-white-sand beach.

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