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About Netherlands

about Netherlands

The Netherlands shares boundaries to the south with Belgium and to the east with Germany, whilst the North Sea lies to the north and west. Large areas of The Netherlands have been domesticated from the sea and therefore one-fifth of the country lies below sea level. The realm is flat and level and is zigzagged by rivers and ducts. Areas cultivated from the sea, known as polders, are exceptionally fertile. The milieu is kaput by the forest of Arnhem, the bulb fields in the west, the lakes of the central and northern areas, and coastal dunes that are amongst the most exciting in Europe.The Netherlands is a vigorous mix of tradition, in the form of windmills and tulips, and fast-paced contemporary European life.


The Dutch are a jovial race, with a good sense of humor and an ardent sense of how to enjoy themselves, whether it be comforting in the countryside or partying hard in the life-size conurbations. In spite of their country’s puritan history, they are well-known for tolerance. The Netherlands is an idyllic destination for those who enjoy recreations like cycling and walking without over-wielding themselves. But it is a sophisticated land as well, as the ostensibly infinite list of great Dutch artists’ swears.


The Netherlands’ roots in the arts trunk from the 17th century, the self-styled Golden Age’, which sited this small but wealthy country at the vanguard of European culture. The gaining of the ascendancy by regal influence and the seizing of The Netherlands to the far-offrealm of the Hapsburgs in the 16th century resulted in the revolt of the chiefly Protestant northern provinces of the Low Countries, escorted by William of Orange and Nassau - this fight back for independence lasted until 1648. This was multifaceted by an extraordinary expansion in Dutch sea power, as many Spanish and Portuguese possessions in the New World and East Asia were apprehended. This reached its zenith in 1689 when William III of Orange became King of England - although the relationship was detached on his death in 1702.The Dutch are passionate Europeans, and the European Union is the main focus of Dutch foreign policy. Their country is full of curiosity, legacy and amusing for the tourist.

Netherlands Fast Facts

City: Netherlands

State: World

Country: Netherlands

Famous for/as: Amusement Park, Beaches, Fishing, Garden, Lakes

Best Season: July to August

Summer: 17 to 20°C

Winter: 2 to 6°C

Rain: Oct and Nov

Area: 41543 km2

Altitude: -3 m

STD Code: 31

Languages: Dutch

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