Netherlands Excursions

Popular Tourist Circuits of Netherlands

The Netherlands today has dismissed all images of it being an old-fashioned land of chokes and windmills, with its filament of electrifying cities, counting the multi-ethnic capital, Amsterdam – one of Europe’s great cities. Elsewhere, Arnhem, Eindhoven, The Hague, Utrecht and the speciallybustling Rotterdam all boast their own charisma. Away from the cities, the tranquil land of windmills and tulips does still subsist in the rusticgrandeur of the geography, as do a number of coastal townships and resorts, many with superior beaches and equallyfascinating heritages to The Netherlands’ superior historical cities. And then there are also myriad options of water sports facilities, historical squares, and lively souks and, of course, the infamous Red Light District and coffee shops to stopover.