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Amsterdam Heritage, Nature

Famous for: The Most Admired Destinations

Amsterdam is one of Europe's most admired destinations and offers a assortedcollection of tourist attractions, ranging from rich edifyinglegacy which includes world-famous museums posse...

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Hague Nature

Famous for: An Imperial Home of Dutch Monarchs

As the imperial home of Dutch monarchs, former capital Den Haag (The Hague) is an artistic, flamboyant city of palaces, architectural splendors and wide, tree-lined avenues. The conurbation of D...

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Maastricht Nature

Famous for: The Prosperous History and Culture

Lying on the far southern side of the Netherlands and surrounded by Belgium and Germany, Maastricht fugitive war damage in the 1940s and is consequently prosperous in history and ...

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Utrecht Nature, Water

Famous for: The Lakes, Domes and Tower

Utrecht is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands that was instituted by the Romans in 48 A.D. as 'Ultrajectum', meaning -End of the Road, because it was here where the Roman Empire...

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Leiden Heritage, Nature

Famous for: Dazzling Ancient Metropolis Centre

A dazzling ancient metropolis centre, Rembrandt’s home township and host to the oldest and debatably most prominent university in the Netherlands: Leiden’s definitely not lacking in ...

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Delft Heritage, Nature

Famous for: The Royal Delft Earthenware

Delft, near Den Hag, is a delightful city well-known for Royal Delft earthenware. Delft is one of the most gorgeous cities in The Netherlands. Although quite tiny, the old conurbation is charism...

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Groningen Heritage, Nature

Famous for: The Elite Cultural Uniqueness and Museum

In the far northeast of the Netherlands, the city of Groningen serves as the metropolitan heart of the region of the same name. Its elite cultural uniqueness has been fashioned both by its isola...

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Haarlem Heritage, Nature, Water

Famous for: The Great Monuments, Shopping Malls and Oldest Museum

This romantic city, Haarlem,positioned alongside the River Spaarne, takes prides in a number of qualifications accreditedall through the country - Best shopping city of the Netherlands, City of ...

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Kaatsheuvel Entertainment, Nature

Famous for: Efteling- The Largest Theme Park

Kaatsheuvel is a township in the Dutch district of North Brabant. Kaatsheuvel's main appeal is "De Efteling" a theme park which is based on fairy tales. The Efteling is the largest...

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Ameland Nature, Water

Famous for: The Unusual Natural Phenomenon

Ameland is one of the five conquered dutchisle that is part of the Waddeneilanden. Like the other islets, Ameland is very small and has less than 4000 dwellers. The most fascinating aspect of Am...

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Den Bosch Nature

Famous for: The Museum, Wonderful cafés and Restaurants

This adorable old township has a top-notch minster, a captivating museum, wonderful cafés and restaurants, and impressive streets that can string into the memories of your tour. The offic...

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Den Haag Heritage, Nature

Famous for: Green Avenues and Parks

Den Haag, formally known as Gravenhage, is the Dutch seat of government and home to the royal family. Former to 1806, Den Haag was the Dutch capital. Though, that year, Louis Bonaparte establish...

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Hoge Veluwe National Park Entertainment, Nature

Famous for: HogeVeluwe National Park- Marshlands, Forests and Sand Dunes

HogeVeluwe National Park is the largest in the Netherlands, and is an extraordinary place to stop over for its marshlands, forests and sand dunes alone.The park was procured by Anton and He...

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Texel Nature

Famous for: Scenic Beauty

Texel is the biggest and south westernmost of the Dutch Wadden isles. It's a good idea to go on an excursion but Texel has so much to offer that you won't lament making an excursion for ...

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Breda Heritage, Nature, Water

Famous for: Gorgeous Old Buildings and Moats

Breda lies near the Belgian front line in western Noord-Brabant, at the intersection of the rivers Mark and Aa. An edifying center, with copious research and educational institutions, and the se...

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Gouda Heritage, Nature

Famous for: Cheese and Candles

Gouda is a city in the Netherlands, well-known for its cheese and candles. The old market town of Gouda lies in a lush polder district between Utrecht, Rotterdam and The Hague, at the point wher...

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Den Helder Nature, Water

Famous for: Biggest Naval Harbor

Den Helder, situated at the northernmost part of the mainland of the region Noord-Holland, between the Waddenzee and the open North Sea, is the gateway to Texel.Den Helder is a charming city, no...