Leiden, Netherlands - Dazzling Ancient Metropolis Centre

Scenic, Museum

A dazzling ancient metropolis centre, Rembrandt’s home township and host to the oldest and debatably most prominent university in the Netherlands: Leiden’s definitely not lacking in claims to reputation, but it’s the old-fashioned, backwards fashion of the old townshippooled with an artistic legacy that’s still going strong to this day that makes current day Leiden more than worthy! The town of Leiden is abode to Holland's oldest university and a principally large 17th-century town centre. A number of extraordinary museums welcome tourists, such as Rijksmuseum Van Oudheden (National Museum of Antiquities) and the NaturalisNationaalNatuurhistorischMuseum (National Museum of Natural History). The admired seaside resort of Katwijkaan Zee is to be found exactly minutes to the west.

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