Netherlands Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Netherlands

The weather in the Netherlands is considered moderate, which means that there are diverse summer and winter seasons. Regardless of the conurbation, the warmer months are the most contented.  The warmer summer months are also the most packed, as many travelers plan trips through Holland during this time. The warmest months of the year throughout most of the realm are July and August, but even during this time the temperatures are slightly mild.  These are perfect months to stroll outdoors and discover the ducts or ride bikes through the slender streets.


The spring months of April and May are also great epochs to visit during, even while the cooler daytime temperatures may involve long pants and a jumper to stay at ease.  The flowers that are blossoming everywhere are magnificent.  April is the season for daffodils and May is the season for tulips. The colder winter months also have incredibly something to offer.  If the temperatures fall below sub-zero for an extensive period of time, the canals freeze up over.  When this happens, locals and travelers take to the ice and glide along these slender strips of water.


In general the Netherlands has a marine weather of cool winters and mild summers. Wind and rain are all round the year; March is the arid month, July and August the wettest and hottest, and wind regularly comes from the southwest, though it always seems to be blunt when you’re cycling.

Best Season : July to August. Temperature: Summer 17 to 20°C, Winter 2 to 6°C

Monthly Netherlands Weather

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