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Amsterdam Heritage, Nature

Famous for: The Most Admired Destinations

Amsterdam is one of Europe's most admired destinations and offers a assortedcollection of tourist attractions, ranging from rich edifyinglegacy which includes world-famous museums posse...

Must See
Leiden Heritage, Nature

Famous for: Dazzling Ancient Metropolis Centre

A dazzling ancient metropolis centre, Rembrandt’s home township and host to the oldest and debatably most prominent university in the Netherlands: Leiden’s definitely not lacking in ...

Must See
Groningen Heritage, Nature

Famous for: The Elite Cultural Uniqueness and Museum

In the far northeast of the Netherlands, the city of Groningen serves as the metropolitan heart of the region of the same name. Its elite cultural uniqueness has been fashioned both by its isola...

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Haarlem Heritage, Nature, Water

Famous for: The Great Monuments, Shopping Malls and Oldest Museum

This romantic city, Haarlem,positioned alongside the River Spaarne, takes prides in a number of qualifications accreditedall through the country - Best shopping city of the Netherlands, City of ...

Must See
Den Haag Heritage, Nature

Famous for: Green Avenues and Parks

Den Haag, formally known as Gravenhage, is the Dutch seat of government and home to the royal family. Former to 1806, Den Haag was the Dutch capital. Though, that year, Louis Bonaparte establish...

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Emmen Entertainment, Heritage, Nature

Famous for: A Large Zoo,and Stunning Roofed Butterfly Garden

The city of Emmen is a bigconurbation in the south east of the prefecture of Drenthe, which is located in the north east of Holland.Emmen has a large shoppingmall and a multiplicity of shop, res...

Must See
Gouda Heritage, Nature

Famous for: Cheese and Candles

Gouda is a city in the Netherlands, well-known for its cheese and candles. The old market town of Gouda lies in a lush polder district between Utrecht, Rotterdam and The Hague, at the point wher...