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About Spain

about Spain

Spain is a country situated in south-western Europe, surrounded by France to the north-east, Portugal to the west, and the small British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar towards the southern tip. Its area is just over 505,000 square kilometers, locating it as 52nd biggest country in the world, and second in the European Union, which Spain forms part of. The country's administrative system is a parliamentary constitutional kingdom, with a democratic approach to leadership. The Spanish capital city is Madrid, situated in the exact centre of the country.

Spain encompasses of its mainland, inhabiting about four fifths of the Iberian Peninsula; the Balearic Islands archipelago, sited in the Mediterranean Sea off the mainland's east coast; the Canary Islands archipelago, situated in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of southern Morocco; and the beachside exclaves of Ceuta and Melilla, located in northern Morocco. Madrid, positioned on the river Manzanares in the center of Spain makes the capital of the country. Though Madrid has put on urbanization, but its flourishing tradition of art has never ceased to suffer Madrid. Madrid will always be clinched by art lovers as it gave birth to the great artist of all times, Pablo Picasso.


One of Spain's greatest attractions is definitely its beaches even though with considerably more variety than you would be led to believe from the sun-and-sand holiday flyers. Long strips of shoreline - by the side of the Costa del Sol, in particular - have been urbanized into many hotel and villa complexes but agreeable pockets remain even on the big tourist costas. On the Costa Brava, the filament of coves between Palamos and Begur are often unnoticed, while in the south there are outstanding windsurfing waters around Tarifa and some absolutely low-key resorts along the Costa de la Luz. In the north, the cooler Atlantic shoreline boasts the surfing sands of Cantabria and the unspool bays of Galicia's estuaries. Offshore, the Balearic Isles have some splendid sands and, if you're up for it, Ibiza also offers one of the most self-indulgent backdrops to beach life in the Mediterranean.

Spain Fast Facts

City: Spain

State: World

Country: Spain

Famous for/as: Art Gallery, Beaches, Church, Garden, Mountaineering, Museum, Palace

Best Season: April to June and Oct

Summer: 24 to 30°C

Winter: 2 to 20°C

Rain: April to May

Area: 505992 km2

Altitude: 650 m

STD Code: 34

Languages: Spanish, Catalan

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