Tarragona, Spain - The Santa María Cathedral, The Ferrán Castle, The Visigothic Basilica, The Roman Museum,

Temple, Mosque, Monuments

Tarragona is the capital of Hispania Citerior. One can see many edifices demeanor the mark of the Roman period in Tarragona. Tarragona is surrounded by a wall. This wall was built in the third century B.C. During the medieval era these constructions underwent certain refurbishing. One can see the illustrious Roman Amphitheatres along the ocean side. These Amphitheatres in Tarragona were erected where gladiators fought with wild animals. There is a Cathedral Church located in between the Mediterranean and the ancient walls of Tarragona. This Cathedral is positioned at the side of a temple and a mosque. The temple is dedicated to Jupiter. One can find a fusion of both Roman and Gothic style integrated in the architecture of the Cathedral.

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