Spain Excursions

Popular Tourist Circuits of Spain

Most of Spain is well roofed by both bus and rail networks and for voyages between major towns there's often little to opt between them in cost or speed. On shorter or less apparent routes buses tend to be faster and will also usually take you closer to your destination. Spain has a highly sophisticated train system linking Madrid, Seville, Barcelona, Bilbao and other cities across the country. This wide-ranging rail network makes it unproblematic to travel around Spain while enjoying views of the scenery in a modern train. RENFE, the national railway of Spain, offers service with standard trains in addition to new super-fast trains that convey travelers between cities at high speeds and moderately low cost.


Copious tour bus companies run all through Spain. Buses are idyllic for short distances, but you may want to take a train or plane for longer trips. Bus transport is often the main way to tour in pastoral parts of the country where railways and taxis are in short supply. Service can be a bit irregular, particularly around major holidays, so be cautious when planning your schedule if you plan to go by bus. Inner-city transport in Spain is reasonably superior. Bigger cities like Madrid and Barcelona have subways and tram systems. Buses and taxis are also accessible in all cities and towns. Typically, taking a taxi is the most steadfast way to get somewhere in a hurry but also costs more.