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Spain’s position on the temperate zone lends it a sub-tropical weather almost consistent all through the year. Though, the country experiences a great multiplicity in climate because of the rocky geography.


The Cantabrian Mountains acts as a climatic segregate for the whole country unraveling it into two separate climatic zones, the Rainy Spain to the north of the mountains and arid Spain which lies to the south of the Cantabrian Mountains. Even though Spain experiences mottled weather throughout the year, the climate of Spain can be safely inched to be continental in nature. It is the craggy reprieve of Spain that leads to climatic variations all over the country.


The Cantabrian Mountains are normally considered by many to be the climatic separating zone of Spain. The province that lies to the north of this mountain range receives abundance of rainfall and the climate is reasonable in nature with mild winters and cool summers. But it is a desiccated climate that permeates the region south of the mountain region. The summers can get smoldering hot and the only reprieve is the uncommon but vicious thunderstorms.


The coastal areas of Spain enjoy a characteristic Mediterranean weather but some areas do have a propensity to be bit humid at times. Snowfalls in the mountains institute as early as October and some snow wrap lasts all year on the highest peaks. Summer is scorching yet everyone in the world vacations in Spain.  In August the capital is isolated as the nationals themselves bond the internationals at the beach.

Best Season : April to June and Oct. Temperature: Summer 24 to 30°C, Winter 2 to 20°C

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