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About Brazil

about Brazil

One of the world’s most fascinating places, Brazil is South America’s colossal, an alluring country of sun-kissed white-sand beaches, unspoiled rain forests and multihued metropolises. Brazil’s allure widens from charming, frozen in time regal townships to impressive scenery of crimson-boulder chasms, rumbling waterfalls and tranquil tropical isles. Additionally, Brazil’s legendary in capacity bionetwork, its sundry ecology show off the utmost album of flora and fauna species that cannot be matched anywhere on globe. The ethnicity of Brazil is very diverse with many influences. This fifth largest country in the world has some of the most prominent attractions for tourists from all over the world. Its luxuriant rainforests swank an amazing collection of natural world, whilst the chirpiness of the cities is home to a large number of racial groups.


A country admired for its football competence and affluent musical conventions, Brazilians are a dissimilar cluster and bursting of the cavalcade fortitude - as superbly exhibited at the annual festivities in Rio de Janeiro and Salvador, where tourists can join the chaos at samba-filled festivities. Dancers gyrate, the music beats and the summer temperature rises. Crowds of all ages, hues and sizes don the very least in beachwear and stroll away the sunlight hours on the sun-kissed Copacabana and Ipanema shores. For a very pulsating and bouncy time, this carnival is not to be missed. Brazil's scenery is as diverse as the people who dwell in it. Few tourists endeavor far from Brazil's extravagant shoreline, but a trip into the heart discloses a diverse but equally charming country. Brazil is a hot ecstasy that has captivated the Western thoughts. In addition to the world's largest rainforest in the Amazon, Brazil boasts many wilds areas from the swampland of the Pantanal, the canyons and caverns of the Chapada Diamantina to the mountain ranges of Minas Gerais.

Brazil Fast Facts

City: Brazil

State: World

Country: Brazil

Famous for/as: Art Gallery, Backwaters, Beaches, Bird Sanctuary, Bird Watching, Mountaineering, Museum

Best Season: April to June

Summer: 25 to 40°C

Winter: 6 to 20°C

Rain: Dec to April

Area: 8515767 km2

Altitude: 1000 m

STD Code: 55

Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English, French

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