Brazil Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Brazil

Brazil lies in the northern dominions of South America. With 7491 kilometres of shoreline, the Atlantic Ocean to its east and crisscrossed by the equator and the Tropic of Capricorn, Brazil is home to several climatic regions: equatorial, tropical, semi dry, upland tropical, moderate and subtropical. 90% of the nation lies within the tropics, in connotation - Brazil is hot, humid and home to two seasons: wet and dry. Much of the nation is enclosed by the huge Amazon Rainforest which only contributes the humid, hot conditions that are experienced in most of northern Brazil. The usual temperature transversely the country is about 25°C, and most of Brazil sees fairly considerable diurnal heat ranges, as in there is pretty large difference between daylight and nocturnal temperatures. Central Brazil experiences weather that in more analytical of a savanna weather, with rainfall that is more seasonal and seasons that are faintly more distinct than in the north. The South of the country has a moderate climate with daily normal temperatures below 18 °C and much cooler winters. There are hoarfrosts in parts and sporadic snowfall as you rise in altitude.

Best Season : April to June. Temperature: Summer 25 to 40°C, Winter 6 to 20°C