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Jun Array 22°C 8°C 137mm
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  • Best Season: Feb - May and Sept- Nov
  • Summer: 12 to 29°C
  • Winter: 5 to 24°C
  • Rain: Jun to Sep
  • Altitude: 2240 m
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  • Best Season: Sept - March
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  • Best Season: All Year
  • Summer: 25 to 38°C
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  • Rain: May to Sep
  • Altitude: 55m (180 ft)
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Jun Array 32°C 26°C 321mm
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  • Best Season: Nov - Feb
  • Summer: 28 - 35°C
  • Winter: 15 - 20°C
  • Rain: May - July
  • Altitude: 1052
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Jun Array 19°C 15°C 522mm
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  • Best Season: Apr - Jun and Sept - Dec
  • Summer: 9 to 20°C
  • Winter: 2 to 6°C
  • Rain: Jun to Sep
  • Altitude: 2050 m
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Jun Array 23°C 16°C 472mm
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  • Best Season: Aug - May
  • Summer: 19 - 35°C
  • Winter: 11 - 32°C
  • Rain: Jun - Sep
  • Altitude: 2400 m ( 7874 ft )
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Jun Array 31°C 24°C 410mm
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  • Best Season: Oct to Mar
  • Summer: 25 to 35°C
  • Winter: 7 to 22°C
  • Rain:
  • Altitude: 116m
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Jun Array 15°C 9°C 81mm
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  • Summer: °C
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Tea Estates - Things to do

Fog covered “Lush Green Tea Estates”

Thousands of people Travel places like Darjeeling, Cunoor, Munnar which are one among the famous Holiday destinations of India where Tea Estates are found. The steps like Plantation create a perfect picturesque. These Tea plantations need a tropical or subtropical climate, so that it provides constant moisture to the plant. Hence, this is one of the main reasons that sloppy Hilly Terrains at an altitude become so favourable for tea plantations. The clouds kissing the tea plantations, spreading all over the tea-estate and suddenly moves away with the wind, gives a great pleasure to watch. It looks as though the clouds and the tea plantations are plaingy hide and seek. These tea plantations contribute to big economies in India and are arranged to follow the natural contours of the landscape and helps for irrigation, preventing soil erosion. Big tea trees are often grown around the Harvest area to provide shades for the small plants. The falling leaves of these “Shade-trees” provide fertilization that augments the use of organic manure.


Tea Estates and Hill stations go hand in hand. The pleasure of staying at “home stay” in a Tea Estate and sipping hot tea from one hand and reading a good book from other hand is a perfect picture of a awesome holiday. Tea-estates are spread over acres and are found lush green that resembles a painting when seen from far. Tea Estates are the Centres of attraction that attracts tourists from all over the World.


Owning a Tea Estate is a pride, as it is one of the big businesses since many generations. A Tea Estate purchased, is a life time investment for the future generations. The owners of tea estate, also set up a Tea factory near tea estates, so that it is easy for them to transport raw material into the factory and get the finished product without any difficulty. They distribute the packed Tea powder to the local distributors.


The Aroma of Tea all over the place is like an addiction that force people to have the hot beverage frequently. Tea is sold with various flavours at Hill stations. Flavours like Masala Tea, Chocolate Tea, Lemon Tea, Cinnamon Tea, Ginger Tea, and Green Tea are among the fast selling and most preferred flavours by the tourists.


There are also some tea making classes conducted in some of the Tea estates that includes a “Trip to the tea estate and tea factory” that shows process of making it. Tea estate is also a kind of educational trip, organized by schools and colleges in and around. Apart from being a great educational trip, tea estate has also become the most preferred locations that attract people for Movie shootings. It has been the best place for shooting songs because of its Serene green background and the romantic weather. It seems to be amazing to believe that some of the Tea estates are famous because of a Movie shot and the local guide never forgets to explain to the tourists.

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