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About Japan

about Japan

Japan is an island nation that is situated in East Asia. Japan is sometimes known as “The Land of the Rising Sun” and even while its history goes back for thousands of years and they preserve a lot of their ancient culture, they are also new makers in some of the most contemporary technology, fashions and trends. The country is a much harmonized one, meaning that almost 99 percent of the country is made up of only Japanese populace. Japan is wonderfully gifted by the nature to draw leisure seekers. The Japan travel guide is an inquisitive fusion of rich history, unpredictable topography, divergent culture and extremely noticeable tourist attractions. On your travel to Japan, you are sure to be guided through stunning landscapes, premium museums, shopping arcades, and charming temples. Japan as a political entity passes through numerous phases of fruition. Royal power transmitted to democratically voted governments after going through oligarchic and post war foreign employment.


The economic development since the post war period has made it one of the economic superpowers in the world. Geographically spread over islands, Japan offers itself as a natural abundance for travelers. The Mt Fuji is an ideal spot for trekking. The seas surrounding the isles are crowded with beach goers and water sports lovers. On your travel to Japan museums, your will witness marvels of technology like innovative automobiles, Roberts and many other electronic items. Lively life with bullet trains, chic night life and unbridled consumerism attracts tourists across the world. But underneath the hasty modernity beats an antique heart. In the kingdom of the gorgeous art of the geisha and the adroitness of the sumo wrestler ancient festivals are legendary and food is attired to an art form.

Japan Fast Facts

City: Japan

State: World

Country: Japan

Famous for/as: Amusement Park, Art Gallery, Beaches, Fishing

Best Season: March to Nov

Summer: 24 to 40°C

Winter: 6 to 42°C

Rain: June to July

Area: 377944 km2

Altitude: 18 m

STD Code: 81

Languages: Japanese

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