Byodoin Temple Kyoto, Japan - Temples and Architechtures

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The Byodoin Temple, a typical exemplar of the temple architecture of the Heian period is the site initially occupied by a country residence which belonged to Minamoto Toru, Fujiwara-no-Michinaga and Yorimichi. In 1052 Yorimichi made over the place for the edifice of a temple, and the main hall, Hoo-do, was built in the following year. On the gable ends are two bronze phoenixes. The internal decoration, much damaged, has been fairly refurbished. The temple contains works by the 11th C artist Takuma Tamenari a grand gold painted stature of Amida. The altar and ceiling are decorated with bronze and mother-of-pearl, but of the roof paintings of the 25 Bosatsus little now endures.

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