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Japan Food


Yokohama, the second largest city of Japan is one of the most admired tourist spots in the world. Each year, tourists come to this magnificent metropolis. Yokohama is a great place to enjoy diverse local cuisines and international dishes.  Yokohama is a conurbation that offers different international cuisines. It's been years as foreigners have toured the harbor city of Yokohama. They are the ones who have pioneered most of the foreign delicacies. Some of them are pork cutlets, bread, beer, ice cream and beef stew, only to name a few.


Another widespread food eaten in Japan is noodles, either Chinese-style ramen or the thicker Japanese udon noodle. It is most familiar for the ramen or udon noodles to be cooked and served in a hot, light soup with salt, bean sprouts, pork, and bamboo shoots supplemented for extra tang These dishes are specially popular in the winter when the climate is colder and the soup warms the body.