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Best Season & Best time to visit Japan

Like other moderate countries, Japan experiences the four seasons. Winter is from December to February, spring is March to May, summer is June to August and autumn is from September to November.


The sakura season characteristically takes place from the last week of March to the first or second week of April. As such, most of Japan will see an enormous rush in both domestic and international tourism. Well-liked tourists attractions, such as those in Kyoto, may be exceedingly crowded as well. In May the weather is warm and can be a little sultry. Japan's warmest months are in July and August, with temperatures shoots up as high as 40 degrees Celsius. The air is generally clammy as well, and as such is not favorable for spending time outside. June is less warm but it is also the drizzling season.


Maybe the best time of the year to stopover Japan is autumn, as the weather is cool and arid, with little rain. Tree leaves start to take on autumn shades of red and orange in the commencement of September, and this might last until premature December in some places. Winters in Japan is typically cold and dry, with little snow if at all on the main Honshu Island. It is best to wear bounty of layers during winter as abrupt strong winds can make temperatures pummel very swiftly.

Best Season : March to Nov. Temperature: Summer 24 to 40°C, Winter 6 to 42°C

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