Asakusa Kannon Temple, Japan - Sensō-ji , Nakamise-dōri , Shinto festival, Kaminarimon, Nakamise-Dori

Temple, Scenic, Monastery

The temple is devoted to Kannon, the Buddhist goddess of compassion. It has been here since the establishment of the conurbation. Though the buildings have been shattered numerous times, they still preserve their original manifestation because they have been refurbished authentically after each cataclysm. According to myth, the Temple was founded in 628 by three fishermen who had found a figurine of the goddess in their nets when they hauled them. In its respect they founded the Temple. The main entrance is the Kaminari-mon Gate, with a 10ft (3.3m) high red paper lantern, weighing 220lb (100kg), with writing on it meaning "Thunder Gate" can be found here.

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