Nagoya, Japan - Scenic Beauty


Nagoya, a major town of Aichi zone and Japan's fourth biggest city, lies in central Honshu. Its location in the airy Ise Bay, opening on to the Pacific, has supported the growth of the harbor, which is now the third largest in Japan after Yokohama and Kobe. It is also an imperative industrial hub. The economic rise of Nagoya began with the Meiji restructurings. Its major industrial activities are heavy industry, shipbuilding and automobile manufacture, together with chemicals and pharmaceuticals, textiles and ceramics. Many factories and workshops can be visited.  Nagoya grew up around the forts constructed by the Imagawa and Oda families in the 16th C, and gained amplified significance when Tokugawa Ieyasu structured the big castle, which still endures for his son Yoshinao in 1612 and was also premeditated to be a monopoly of the Tokugawa in their argument with the Toyotomi family.

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