Disneyland Tokyo, Japan - Tokyo Disneyland Park, Tokyo DisneySea Park, Hotels within Tokyo Disney Resort, Bon Voyage, Ikspiari


Everyone around the globe loves the Disney films and its characters, and as Japan is the land of anime-loving community, Mickey and all his friends are very much adored. The ambiance at Disneyland Tokyo is polite, welcoming and jovial. The crowd is also amusing as most are wholly decorated out in sparkling Disney hats, t-shirts, dresses and other Disney themed garnishing and the tourists will marvel at the perseverance to the theme. When Disneyland first inaugurated in Japan in the 80's it was the first division to open outside of the US. It has grown in fame each year and continues to be an enormous hit with Japanese and foreign tourists alike. Gondola rides and European style streets to stroll as well as a diversity of more usual Disney attractions.

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