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About Germany

about Germany

With nine European precincts and a position clout pat in the heart of the continent, Germany could ante a persuasive claim to being the most ‘European’ of all countries. Stuffing over 80 million people into a pretty taut casing, it’s an economic and political source of power with bewitching vista, effervescent cities, progressive culture and a consciousness of a historic heritage tottering between dismay and greatness. Germany is well-known for its art and crafts and also its architecture. The elaborate designs crafted on the artifacts make all the art lovers desire for German craftwork. Germans also have some unique mores and behavioral codes that the tourists must keep an eye on.


Few countries have had as much brunt on the world as Germany, a land of modernism that has given us the printing press, the automobile, aspirin and MP3 technology. It’s the place of birth of Martin Luther, Albert Einstein, Karl Marx, Goethe, Beethoven, the Grimm brothers and other players on the world arena. As you travel around, you’ll have plethora of brushes with such brilliance but, perhaps, Germany’s vista lifts the spirit even more. The uneven peaks of the big-shouldered Bavarian Alps unfold above blossoming mountain meadows where cows nibble lazily. Potent rivers flow through romantic valleys, past sheer vineyards and legend forests. You’ll encounter history in towns where streets were laid out before Columbus set sail and in grand castles ominous above pedantic, half-timbered villages. Enjoying the outdoors, from skiing Alpine peaks to hiking warily conserved forests, is indispensable. And compare the ancient traditions of the east, as beautiful Dresden adjusts to the 21st century, with Cologne, where decades of riches polish its magnificent inheritance. 


Germany Fast Facts

City: Germany

State: World

Country: Germany

Famous for/as: Amusement Park, Art Gallery, Church, Garden, Lakes, Monuments, Mountaineering, Scenic

Best Season: May to October

Summer: 22 to 30°C

Winter: 0 to 3°C

Rain: April to September

Area: 357021 km2

Altitude: 2962 m

STD Code: 49

Languages: German

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