Founded as Augusta Treverorum in 16 BC during the sovereignty of Augustus Caesar, Trier is Germany's oldest conurbation and an imperative site for classical monuments and art possessions. The Romans' great obsession for architecture that fashioned this city on the Moselle is established above all by the Porta Nigra, the best-preserved city gate from ancient times and now Trier's signature landmark. In its 2000-year-old history Trier was home to six Roman emperors and has consequently innate a number of imposing ancient leftovers, some of which astonish with their level of conservation. The most exceptional example is by far the Porta Nigra, a colossal structure that was once part of the conurbation walls. Cuddled in the Moselle river valley, quaint Trier is coroneted with myriad chateaus and countrified villages, whose hospitality and gastronomy you'll definitely never forget.

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